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Kind Words Testimonials

"When my mother was suddenly very ill last year and had to be hospitalized for several months, Lina-Dee was a huge support and resource for us. Someone needed to be with my mother everyday because of her state of mind and my husband I were both working and could not bring my elderly father to the hospital everyday. Lina-Dee faithfully brought him there or picked him up when we were not available."

- Carol G.

Dee, it is so great that you do what you love and are passionate about, and God will bring those that need you.

- Susan D.

Dee would take my elderly friend to her medical, dentist and hairdresser appointments and sit and wait for her. Sometimes Dee would just sit and read to her or take her out for coffee. Other days Dee would shop for groceries and household items or take for a drive to see the leaves in the fall. Lillian was close to 100 years old when she passed away and right to the end she would brighten up when Dee came to see her.

- Doreen O.

Lina-Dee visited my father to play cards and chat about once a week. Because he enjoyed her visits, he was comfortable with her dropping by more often and helping with meals and other needs while we were on vacation.

- Judy B.

Previous medical and health care training and experience allows Lina-Dee to navigate the bureaucratic obstacles and handle the financial aspect in the capacity of a capable trustee. All this care and attention together with a happy smile.

- Peter T.

Dee has worked for me for nine plus years, I have found her to be punctual and honest to a fault. Dee posses an awesome sense of humor and exhibits laughter regardless of the situation. A few hours with Dee and I come home totally rejuvenated.

- Dorothy F.

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One who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we receive ourselves from God!

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